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Pics and Peeks

This entry is inspired by Apple products. 

Just when I think I have discovered all of the mind-boggling things my IPhone/IPad can do, I am surprised by something new. As a way of reflecting and winding down at the end of the day, I like to look through my photos on my phone to take inventory of the journey and the memories I’ve gathered thus far. I fear that when it is all over, it will be a blur until I start having flashbacks of specific moments months later. Luckily, my no. 1 travel companion, my phone, is taking note of everywhere I’ve been, saving music I am discovering, and helping me stay in touch with friends and fam back home. What did we do before our cells? Anyway, a few days ago post-show, I was scrolling through the photos on my phone when I was reminded of the “memories” feature. I clicked on the slideshow my phone compiled for me called “The Best of the Last 3 Weeks.” Little did I know it would bring me to tears—sequencing my photos and memories into a fluid journey of highlights from the last 3 weeks. Remember the equation I wrote two posts ago; about 1 week of touring life is equivalent to two weeks of normal touring life content? Sometimes I think that 1 week could be subtracted into three days of tour=two weeks of normal life. Time flies when the content is rich and the miles are building. 

Below are some of my favorite photos from the slideshow in the order they appeared, signifying some key mile markers from the past 3 (4ish) weeks. 

A definite highlight; my first show going on as an understudy for Catherine. The night propelled me through a range of emotions--from insomnia-inducing anxiety to pure joy. One of my favorite moments onstage as Catherine on 4/4 is captured above; seeing the robot rabbit onstage for the first time. This takes place right before Theo says, “That’s not a duck, dumbass,” and storms offstage. Because I never had the opportunity to rehearse this scene, the sights and sounds were new to me onstage and it made me truly giggle. My heart is a’flutter just thinking about that moment.

In Easton, PA, Miss Jenni Poole and I were treated to our own dressing room. 💁

Rehearsing the Berthe trapeze act in Worcester, MA. Pretending to feel totally chill in this position. 

I love this dressing room shot of Mason and I on as understudies for Lewis and Catherine together. 

Emilia captured this great moment backstage--when I was thrilled about making it through the first half of act 2 as Cat. 

Ensemble gathered with Ish backstage before his final performance. We m-Ish you so much!

Slurped two smoothies in less than 12 hrs from this wonderful place, “Arden's Garden” in Athens, GA. It helped soothe my soul and my soreness. The weather in Athens was perfect and strolling the lively streets gave me a much needed dose of spring.

We played our first arena performance at the State Farm Center—home of the Fightin’ Illini basketball team. It was the closest any of us would get to excelling under a roof dedicated to sports. Our dressing rooms were locker rooms and it was an exciting change of scenery. 

Funny how no one had any interest in making their own Easter bonnets, except they all wanted to take turns wearing mine. Here she is (my bonnet) making the rounds on a walk to Chili’s on Easter Sunday. Grateful for these wonderful folks who feel like family when I am missing mine like crazy. 

Most Notable:

We reached our 100th show mark on 4/19 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It’s hard to believe that we’ve Pip’d that many times, as each time we pitch the tent, the show feels fresh. One thing is certain, I am so not over doing this show with all of these beautiful people. I still get excited to hear the score every night and ooom-chuck and cluck my way through Pippin’s life and times. Here we are surrounding a lovely cake on our mile- stone evening.

The Movie in My Mind

When I was a kid, I imagined my life was my own movie I was acting in. Many of my cohorts confess the same thing. But now, with an apple product and a dream, you can make that fantasy a reality on the daily. I decided to make this video after a request from Jay to document my pre-show make-up application, but I wanted to incorporate our warm-up as well, since the folks I get to warm up alongside every day are pretty extraordinary. Here is a triple-time, 4 minute glimpse into what an hour before the show looks like everyday. Complete with some IMovie magic. Please enjoy: Backstage At Pippin. 

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