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Washington On Our Side

Good morning from our 4:30 AM call for our travel day from Spokane.. ✈️Chicago! Wee!

While I am excited to operate within a 1-hour time difference from my fam on the East coast, I’ll miss the upper left corner of the US--where we’ve been for almost 3 weeks. Spokane was a great place to settle in for the last 6 days. It had everything all of us art-folk loved and missed; a warmly-lit coffee shop called “Atticus,” with a To Kill a Mockingbird theme, a sweet French-bistro style café, a very nice mall, a natural food market co-op (which got most of my per-diem), and a beautiful 2,200 seat theatre with a kind and welcoming crew. No doubt, the Spoke will hold a special place in my heart.

Last night I went on a solo walk through the Spokane Riverfront Park behind our theatre per the suggestion of my friend who toured here last year. The Spokane River Falls are gorgeous and the reflective walk I had through the park at sunset was a peaceful way to end our time in the PNW. 

(Picture 1: the view from behind our theatre

 Picture 2: Spokane River Front Park)

It would have been an even more stunning experience had I been sporting the proper footwear for the snowy trek (re: “Yaki-Mania/Phil Hart). On the way back to the hotel, I ran into our stage manager David (Daveed), who kindly suggested I might still be able to feel my limbs had I been wearing some snow boots….

Let it be known, however, that I've been under my bag weight limit by a shocking 10 lbs.

Luckily, we are headed to some warmer temps for the next month and are counting down to our next Golden Day on 2/14: Miami 😎🌴☀

A Spoke-Tacular Opening

Our official opening night in Spokane on 1/12 posed some unusual challenges for all of us new to touring. It was our first night in a brand new venue—no rehearsal—and it was opening night! We had to quickly adapt to the space with a house that was much larger than the Capitol in Yakima and an even larger backstage space. The realization that constant change would be our new normal began sinking in. Because our dressing rooms were upstairs, all of our costumes stayed in their wardrobe “gondolas” right behind our tent so that we could make our changes in time. We were all feeling a little unsettled after our cozy week of rehearsal in the Yak, but magic was done and the show went great—proving to ourselves that we can all do what we signed up for 😉. Pip was well received too. 

We then proceeded to an opening night party where we unwound a bit and said goodbye to our director Mia. It was such a pleasure to work under her insightful direction. She guided us in staying true to Diane Paulus' original interpretation in a way that felt authentic to this particular group of players. Another of our fearless female leaders and artistic producer, Lauren, headed back to Lanc after opening as well. They will both be missed! 

Highs and Lows

Our amazing acro director, Preston and his fabulous wife, Kelsey, stayed the weekend with us to continue solidifying the alternate acro work before we hit the road. Because I am a cover for Berthe, I learned the trapeze routine she does in the middle of “No Time At All.” Nothing like pretending not to be afraid of heights/hanging upside down on a trapeze the morning after opening!

Unfortunately, the immediacy of which I needed to learn the routine came sooner than we anticipated. Our Berthe, Alison, fractured her rib last week and is leaving us to heal. We will miss her terribly and are heartbroken about her injury, but are grateful she will join us again in the summer/fall at our sit-downs in Lancaster and Florida. For now, our super swing and my roomie, Emilia, is on as Berthe.


Below is a picture of our cast with the flyman of the INB Performing Arts Center in Spokane! It is a custom at this venue to snap a photo of the touring production casts with the stage right flyman at places. Check out their Facebook page, “Picture with the Flyman,” to see a slew of other touring productions posin’ by the ropes in Spokane.

Up Next

A half day of travel, a series of one nighters, and I am teaching a masterclass before a double show day. I definitely have some magic to do.. and coffee to brew. 

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