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Dance Teaching Philosophy


       My passion lies in serving as a guide for my students to achieve their goals in performance, to cultivate physical as well as internal strength, to aid in the process of artistic growth and for all students to experience the joy of dance.

         I aim to encourage the realization of the body’s vast movement potential. Meeting the needs of the individual or group requires my flexibility and versatility as an instructor and I seek to create a studio environment that is both goal oriented and student centered. With young children, I believe that cultivating the imagination to inspire movement is the foundation for lifelong goal setting and the discovery of infinite possibilities in both dance and the world around them. 

       In my creative movement classes, story-telling serves as a springboard for learning basic movement concepts through characters, settings and qualities brought to life by the body and the imagination. Through these practices, young students plant a seed for the growth of a mind and body connection. As I work with older children in ballet, modern and jazz classes, I build upon these basic movement principles in the development of a technical foundation.  I believe in the importance of training the dancers’ physicality with a challenging yet anatomically sensitive approach to technique that will build solid movement fundamentals and knowledge of the body from the inside out. In facilitating technical growth, the students build trust in their bodies as they investigate new movement patterns and develop an understanding of the self beyond the steps. The kinesthetic awareness and sense of embodiment developed through ballet, jazz and modern technique training serves the individual in many facets of life.

            Through the design of movement combinations or choreography for performance in class, I invite the student to explore their own artistry while learning and maintaining the specificity of detail and intention in the choreography.  I create phrases that require the dancer to connect a variety of dynamics, momentum, rhythm and energetic shifts with ease in transition and the incorporation of his/her individuality. I emphasize growth in performance skills by challenging musicality and encouraging spatial sensitivity to one’s fellow performers.  By the end of class, I want my students to feel that they are excited about their movement potential, gain a sense of physical and mental accomplishment and feel spiritually fulfilled. 


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