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             Steele Pilates

 I received my Steele Pilates Mat certification in 2014 at the Peridance Capezio Center in NYC by founder, Teri Steele. Since then, I've enjoyed teaching group classes, private sessions, and workshops throughout NYC and Philly, while relying on Steele Pilates daily as a performer to promote endurance and prevent injury. My clients and students span an age range of 12-96. From applying a Pilates foundation when working one-on-one with nonagenarians to improve balance and coordination, to creating Pilates programs for fellow athletes/performers that bridge post-injury physical therapy with long-term performance goals, my passion lies in sharing the gifts of Pilates with bodies in all stages of life. 


Steele Pilates is centered on the Pilates Core Principles and inspired by dance and personal training techniques. Using active rest phases, fluid sequencing, and small props, a Steele Pilates class is designed to move seamlessly through each exercise; challenging the mind and body to create more efficient neuro-muscular pathways, increase overall strength and endurance and move with intention and control. Participants leave feeling centered and energized by this total body practice which also addresses muscular imbalances for improved alignment, less chronic pain and greater physical capacity. 

Currently teaching open group Steele Pilates Mat classes at St. Marks Yoga and the brand new Steele Pilates Studio Dumbo

Steele Pilates

Please contact me for virtual scheduling inquiries and rates. 

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