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     About Steele Pilates

In 2014, I was certified in Steele Pilates by Teri Steele at the Peridance Capezio Center in NYC. Steele Pilates is centered on the Pilates Core Principles and inspired by dance and personal training techniques. Using active rest phases and fluid sequencing, and small props, a Steele Pilates class is designed to move seamlessly through each exercise; challenging the mind and body to create more efficient neuro-muscular pathways, increase overall strength and endurance and move with intention and control. Participants leave feeling centered and energized by this total body practice which also addresses muscular imbalances for improved alignment, less chronic pain and greater physical capacity.

Steele Pilates is appropriate for all ages, abilities and movement goals, including specific populations such as athletes/dancers, the aging, pre/post natal women, osteoporosis patients and children. 

In addition to working with clients 1 on 1, I have taught weekly classes in NYC at CRUNCH (TriBeCa, 23rd, 83rd and 38th St) at Axiom Amenities, and substitute for Teri Steele at Steps on Broadway and Five Pillars Yoga.  Previously, I have taught at City Fitness Philadelphia and have led workshops for dancers at Wissahickon Dance Academy, Berks Ballet Theatre and Kimberton Dance Academy.


Steele Pilates

Please contact me for virtual scheduling inquiries and rates. 

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